Why Juda went to Damar and why God gave her twins?

Juda was a blessed man next to joseph according to the blessings of theit father Jacob or Israel. (Gen.49:8-12, 22-26) Juda went away from their family and lived with his friend Hirah in Adullam, and married a Cannanite woman Shuah and God gave him three sons through her. (Gen. 38: 1-10) His two sons died or rather killed by God as they were wicked in their actions. Juda was afraid about his third and only son surviving and cunningly asked his daughter in law Damar to wait in her father’s house till Shelah grows.

Damar was cheated by Juda as he failed to unite Shelah and Damar in marriage. After the death of Juda’s wife Shuah, one fine day Juda goes to his friend Hirah to sheep shearers and Damar disguised her as a harlot, and it so happened that Juda went to damar unknowingly thinking as a harlot, and she conceived and gave birth to two sons Pharez and Zarah.

Here one may think why and how all these things took place? Juda was a righteous man and he feared that his third son Shelah would die and he would lose all the three sons! He went to Damar unknowingly only after the death of his wife Shuah, and after knowing that he did a mistake unknowingly with Damar, he never touched her again, and said she was more righteous that himself.(Gen. 38: 26) Then why all such things took place?

The right answer may be that God is righteous. God killed his first son Er, because he was wicked.(Gen. 38:7) Then Onan, his second son married Damar as per their custom, but his action with Damar was unacceptable by God and He killed him too. (Gen. 38: 8-10) Now Juda’s two sons were killed by God for the reasons were not known to Juda and it was not any sin of Juda. On the other side, Damar did not have any child though married, for not any of her sins,  and she became a widow for not of her sins. Now it is God to give them justice. Juda need to be given two sons whom God killed. And Damar need to be given child for she was married. Here God almighty fulfilled the righteous demand of them both. So all wise and righteous God gave two sons through damar to Juda and fulfilled their right demand from God and through Pharez, the eldest son of Damar, Jesus Christ was born in their genealogy. All glory to His Holy Name.

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